BASIC PACKAGE: Service Dog & Support Animal (ESA) Letters & Airline Forms (PSD) for 1 Year (Electronic Access Only)



1 Year access to personalized Service Dog and Support Animal (ESA) documentation for housing and travel, especially required by major hotels and airlines.
This package is compliant with Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) requirements for major airlines.

By donating to TheraPetic you will be able to instantly print and have access to 1 Year of:

  • Personalized Service Dog (PSD) and ESA Letters and Forms for Property Managers, Landlords, and Airlines
  • Completed Airline Forms (Commonly Referred to as DOT Form or Service Dog Form)

NOTE: These Service Dog and ESA Letters and Airline Forms are for ONLINE ONLY and expire after 1 Year as required by law. If you would like physical copies of these documents, then you must purchase the ULTIMATE ESA PACKAGE.



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